The tour soundtrack can be downloaded from this website for use on a personal music player (e.g. MP3 player, iPod, CD Walkman). This enables you to enjoy the tour anytime you wish. Don't forget that you need to download the map as well as the MP3 sound files to embark upon the tour.


  1. Download the map and print it out (unless you already have the fold-out hidden tracks printed map).
  2. Download the MP3 sounds files, 'unzip' them and either transfer onto you own MP3 player, or burn onto a CD for use in your personal CD player. The high-quality files should only take 5 minutes to download over a typical broadband connection.
  3. Go to the starting point on the map and press play on track 1.
  4. At the end of each track you will be given directions to your next destination on the tour. When you have arrived at the next destination, play the next track

Important Points

  1. Directions will be given on the audio tour. Make sure you listen to these carefully before you move on to your next destination.
  2. If you have any problems finding your next destination please refer to the map.
  3. Listen to each track whilst stationary. DO NOT listen to the tour whilst walking.
  4. The distance of the tour route is the distance from Lyveden New Bield to Fermynwoods Gallery: three miles. Unless you have made other arrangements you will have to return to your beginning point to return your MP3 player and get your deposit (unless you have downloaded the tour). This makes the entire walk 6 miles.
  5. The tour is across countryside and is therefore not suitable for people with limited mobility (a virtual version of the tour is available at Fermynwoods Gallery).
  6. Please wear sensible footwear (it can get muddy underfoot) and be prepared for unpleasant weather. It is advisable to take a large bottle of water on the tour.