Hidden Tracks Audio Tour

Lyvden New Bield

Take a walk through the beautiful countryside between Fermynwoods Gallery and Lyveden New Bield and discover the area's secrets as you go. Using an MP3 player and a map, the Hidden Tracks audio tour presents the history of a rural village and its surrounding woodland in a new and unique way.

How Does The Audio Tour Work?

The Hidden Tracks audio tour is an audio soundtrack to be listened to at various points on a walk between Fermynwoods Gallery and Lyveden New Bield. To do the tour you can either download the map and the sound files from this website, or alternatively, pick up a map and hire a personal music player from Fermynwoods Gallery or Lyvden New Bield Visitor Centre. Hidden Tracks also offers Event Days that will provide a chance to experience the tour (from Fermynwoods Gallery to Lyveden New Bield) in a group environment with performers, picnics and a bus back to Fermynwoods Gallery. For more information or to book tickets for an event day please contact Fermynwoods Gallery:

Tel: 01536 373469
Email: gallery@fermynwoods.co.uk
Web: www.fermynwoods.co.uk